Launching the Decentralized Wireless Alliance

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Enabling the future
of wireless connectivity.

The Decentralized Wireless Alliance is a global not-for-profit dedicated to the proliferation of a secure, cost-effective Internet of Things.

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The Decentralized Wireless Alliance manages and maintains the open technologies that support the Helium Network.

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Token Economics

Learn about the token economics that underpin the Helium Network.

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Meet the Team

The Decentralized Wireless Alliance is a team of seasoned business owners and developers.

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Our mission is to
connect the world’s devices.

In addition to supporting the Helium community worldwide, we are responsible for fostering research, development, and innovation at the intersection of radio hardware, sensors and manufacturing, blockchain, and peer-to-peer systems.

We are committed to building a future in which anything that can or should be connected is, and where there are no second-class devices.

By connecting people and devices to the internet, and reducing the need for middlemen, we hope to build a smarter, more magical world.

Meet the Board

Meet the Team

Tushar Jain

Tushar Jain is the President of the Decentralized Wireless Alliance and a Co-founder and Managing Partner at Multicoin Capital, a thesis-driven investment firm that invests in cryptocurrencies, tokens, and blockchain companies reshaping trillion-dollar markets.

Chris Bruce

Chris Bruce is an award winning product and technology leader. He shares a strong passion for the decentralized web and considers blockchain the enabling technology.

Jamie Wilkinson

Jamie Wilkinson is an entrepreneur and software developer. He was the co-founder and CEO of the Internet video startup VHX, acquired by Vimeo in 2015, and most recently served as the Chief Product Officer at Kickstarter.

Our Roles & Responsibilities

Provide independent governance around key functions of the Helium blockchain

Make it as easy as possible for a diverse ecosystem of organizations to produce and deploy Helium mining equipment

Promote the development of decentralized wireless networks powered by the Helium Blockchain

Educate the public on the value of decentralized wireless networks

Encourage developers and businesses to be built on the Helium Network through education, business development, and USD or HNT grants

Support and manage the Helium Improvement Proposal (HIP) process

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